7 foods that a nutritionist-psychiatrist eats every day for brain health

May 22, 2023 0 Comments

Finally, microgreens and sprouts are the perfect addition to any mental health food. “As we’ve identified the key principles of nutritional psychiatry, nutrient density really stands out to me as a concept, and microgreens help,” says Ramsey. These young individuals are a highly concentrated source minerals 8 and phytonutrients9.

You don’t have to settle for bland bean sprouts, either: options like sunflower seed sprouts make a crunchy, flavorful addition to any meal (though Ramsey is also known to eat them by the handful, sometimes dressed with lemon juice and olives). butter).

Growing your own greens and sprouts is another way to connect with the wonder ingredient, says Ramsey: ‚ÄúThese foods also hold these little mental health lessons for us… Sprouts give us hope. Sprouts remind us that brain cells continue to grow. “

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