616 Angel Number Meaning + What To Do If You Keep Seeing It

June 7, 2023 0 Comments

Although the ancient tradition of numerology is not really connected to the more modern idea of ​​angel numbers, single-digit numbers often have parallels in terms of their meaning.

In the case of the number 1, says Richardson, this number is associated with new things—new cycles, new beginnings, and bringing new experiences into your life.

Numerologist Caitlin Caerhart echoes this point, previously telling mindbodygreen that repetition in numerology signals that the beginning is near and that it’s a good time to “focus on innovation and creativity, embrace your independence and go after what you want.” .

The number 6, meanwhile, represents the need for balance and beauty, according to Richardson. “Clients often run into this when they need to step up self-care or focus on themselves in a healthy way,” she previously told mindbodygreen, adding that it makes sense because the number 6 can be very service-oriented. , a sense of responsibility to others.

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