5 ways to reveal your intuition from a professional

June 20, 2023 0 Comments

While intuition can communicate with us through our emotions (for example, feeling immediately relaxed around a new co-worker because they will eventually turn out to be a dear friend, or feeling suddenly anxious when you’re making social plans because you need to rest), pretending actually is a little different.

Wishful thinking is about feeling a strong emotional desire for something and then convincing yourself that your intuition also supports the plan, ignoring any red flags you get.

It’s normal to feel strong emotions about things we really want, like starting a family, attracting a loving romantic partner, pursuing a passion project, making money, or serving the world. Practice observing and observing your emotions, including reminding yourself that your emotions are not who you really are, but rather a temporary feeling you are experiencing, to create a healthy space out of them.

Instead of denying your emotions, examine and acknowledge them, which can actually help you feel calmer and put your emotions into perspective.

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