5 rituals that support your health and the planet at the same time

July 2, 2023 0 Comments

We as humans are not separate from the rest of the species on Earth. Flora, fauna, prairies, streams… the cycles and patterns of our planet profoundly affect our way of being. When we have a good relationship with the Earth, we develop a better relationship with ourselves.

To demonstrate this, studies have found that taking only 20 minutes to communicate with nature1 can help reduce stress hormone levels. There is increasing evidence that spending time in nature supports our overall mental and physical health.

At the same time, we observe that the most biodiverse environment contains the cleanest air, water, soil and food. This is because a variety of natural compounds can work together to heal their own ecosystems. People also have a role to play: human intervention can greatly accelerate the transformation. I believe that processes that can take hundreds if not thousands of years can be recreated and accelerated by humans so that our planet can thrive.

The planet relies on us as much as we rely on it.

By restoring our own systems, neighborhoods and villages, we can witness the miraculous transformation of nature within us and around us. Try these rituals to restore your body and planet at the same time.

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