4 Signs Your Fiber Is Working As It Should Be

July 20, 2023 0 Comments

Regularity is probably fiber’s most notable claim to fame. Hard, infrequent, and overly mushy stools don’t have the ideal consistency and are signs that your diet is lacking in fiber.

Eating insoluble fiber (found mainly in whole grains like wheat bran, as well as fruits and vegetables) tends to speed up the digestive tract, while soluble fiber (think foods like beans and oats) absorbs water and increases stool.

And adding more soluble fiber per day can make things easier. For example, the potency+ organic fiber formula contains 7 grams of guar fiber—a soluble fiber—that helps maintain a healthy stool shape3 and improves laxatives.*

So, if you notice that your bowel habits have become more regular and of the ideal consistency (smooth, squishy, ​​and easy to pass), that’s a good sign that your fiber is helping.

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