3 ways to reduce hair loss and restore the health of strands

May 26, 2023 0 Comments

“Significant stress can lead to molting and hair loss 1,” mbg board-certified dermatologist Christine Shaver, MD, FAAD, of Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration in New York, once said.

However, you probably won’t notice this hair loss right away. “When there’s a lot of stress, hair starts to fall out after three to six months,” explains Shaver. But even so, “she will continue to shed until the underlying cause of the stress is addressed and addressed,” she says.

Obviously, reducing stress is easier said than done. However, focusing on this task in your daily life can help reduce stress-induced shedding (and improve your overall well-being) in the long run.

How you decide to blow off steam will naturally depend on your lifestyle, schedule, and what brings you joy. If you need some inspiration, here are 10 natural ways to reduce stress to get you brainstorming.

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