3 Unexpected Things That Age Your Face

July 18, 2023 0 Comments

As we say in the episode, aging isn’t just about the surface, even if that’s what most of the beauty industry focuses on. In fact, it is a combination of changes in the structure of bones, muscles, lymphatic system, fat, etc then skin

Although we may not think of maintaining our skeletal system and bone health as part of our beauty routine, loss of bone density is actually one of the main factors of aging.

“Women tend to lose bone in the middle of the face and around the nose. And that’s why women will have a longer upper lip as they age, and that’s one of the telltale signs of aging that most people don’t even realize,” she says. .

“Aging isn’t just wrinkles—it’s the balance of the face, the position of things,” she says, noting that when our bone structure changes, that information is perceived as aging. “So at an earlier age, we want to help women preserve bone tissue.”

And even if women disproportionately experience loss of bone density1, it is not only a woman’s business. “As for men, men are more prone to bags under the eyes. Why? Well, they tend to lose more bone around their lateral orbital rim, and because of that they lack tissue support,” she says.

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