3 types of people who should definitely consume collagen every day

April 10, 2023 0 Comments

Finally, if you want plump, supple, hydrated skin (which I’m guessing is everyone here), then you should definitely consider taking collagen. In fact, collagen consumption is critical to achieving “jelly skin,” a concept that went viral after content creator Ava Lee (aka Glow with Ava) posted a video of herself getting a facial.

When her specialist pinches her cheek, she immediately maintains her shape. “It just shows that you have enough of a support cushion under you,” explains her expert. “The way it bounces… It’s the perfect Jello consistency. This is a perfect sign that you have excellent collagen levels in your skin.”

And while you can load up on collagen-rich foods (bone broth, egg whites, etc.), you can get a lot more bang for your buck with high-quality collagen supplements. Personally, Lee likes a matcha collagen morning latte, in which she mixes collagen and matcha powder before tossing it with plant-based milk. You can find tons of other easy recipes here if matcha isn’t your cup of tea.

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