3 tips to make your pedicure last longer from a nail expert

June 8, 2023 0 Comments

Personally, I love a good foot soak, as does Lyn, who recently launched the divine Ancient Rituals Foot Soak, which contains an herbal blend of warm coconut milk, fresh cucumber, fresh ginger and goji berries, but try to stick to pre-pedicure. ritual if you can.

According to Lin, a proper pedicure (which includes a base coat, two coats of polish, and one top coat) takes about six hours to fully cure, and you should avoid soaking your feet in water during that time.

You’ll also want to avoid wearing tight shoes or coming into contact with any textured surfaces that could potentially damage the polish while your toes are still vulnerable. “This will ensure a long-lasting, pristine pedicure,” she notes. In six hours, please put on your sharpest pair of heels.

Just one summer caution: “If you’re traveling to the beach, don’t soak your feet in salt water for too long, as this wears down the polish and can cause it to dry out and crack,” she adds.

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