3 things a nutritionist wants you to stop putting in your coffee

April 27, 2023 0 Comments

A serving of collagen: Morning coffee can become an elixir for hair, skin and nails if collagen powder is added. A well-formulated collagen supplement is easy to add to your coffee (hot or cold) and supports gut health, joints, and more with every sip. It will also make your drink a little more filling. Here are nine of the best collagen supplements on the market that you should try.

spices: Adding spices like cinnamon, cardamom, or nutmeg can give your daily drink an anti-inflammatory effect, Burgess says. Mix them into the grounds or after your coffee is already brewed for an aromatic finish.

Coconut oil: In addition to giving your coffee a buttery, creamy taste, coconut oil also potentially help support digestion and gut health5. It can also help reduce jitters caused by coffee.

Date syrup: Dates are nature’s candy. If you prefer a sweeter coffee, Burgess suggests boiling dates in water (Medjool dates are especially good for this) and blending the liquid to create a naturally sweet syrup that you can add to your coffee.

Protein powder: For a sugar-free vanilla latte, try Burgess’ proffee recipe. Mix your favorite protein powder and milk (bonus points for whipping with a milk frother) and add to hot coffee or iced coffee. “It creates a creamy taste,” Burgess says, adding that it’s a fun way to increase your protein intake without a lot of extra ingredients.

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