3 techniques to smell good all day from a professional nose

June 22, 2023 0 Comments

Finally, consider as you spray your perfume. The biggest mistake people make, Eckels says, is the common “fog and walk” technique. “Fog and a walk” is not a thing, she declares. “You spend a lot more fragrance than what actually goes on your skin and clothes.”

While you may know what to apply to your pulse points (since the skin is thinnest there, which means it’s closer to your blood and body heat), you may be surprised to learn that should not rub it vigorously into the skin.

“For example, if you rub your wrists against each other, the top notes of the fragrance will dissipate, so you will never experience the full scent (top, middle and bottom notes) of the fragrance,” says Eckels. “Instead, just tap your wrists together to spread the scent.”

To extend the life of the scent even more, you can even spray your locks: “Spritzing your hair is also a great place for the scent to set in and last throughout the day, as the locks hold the scent well and leave a scent trail as you move from place to place.” – explains Eckels.

Especially if you have high-porosity hair, your strands can more easily absorb and hold on to products, particularly perfumes.

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