3 styling tips to keep your natural hair heat-free

May 31, 2023 0 Comments

If you have wavy, curly or curly locks and you notice that your texture is getting frizzy, you may be styling your hair when it also dry. It sounds weird, but the wetter the better when it comes to defining your shape.

In fact, some pros even recommend the bowl method: dunk strands in a bowl of water, apply styling products, and scrunch hair to distribute the products evenly.

“Some curly hair can have a hard time absorbing moisture, so submerging it in water gives you extra time to add extra moisture to your strands,” explains celebrity stylist Harry Josh.

If you don’t want to submerge your hair in a bowl of water, just spray it on your hair until it’s damp before applying products, twisting, brushing, shaking, etc.

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