3 smoothie supplements for a healthier gut and fight inflammation

July 20, 2023 0 Comments

You may be familiar with turmeric in the form of golden milk, chana masala or spicy ginger shots, but you can also add it to your mix à la carte.

Turmeric will not only add a wonderful golden hue to your drink, but also soothing for digestion1 and the general state of the intestines.*

In fact, a 2020 scientific review from Nutrients shows that curcumin (the main active ingredient in turmeric) even helps promote a healthy gut microbiome2 supporting the growth of beneficial strains of bacteria.* So try to have a golden smoothie every now and then.

I’ve made a fair amount of turmeric smoothies in my life (I used to work at a smoothie shop) and I’ll tell you that it doesn’t go well with every fruit or vegetable. My tip: if you’re going to add this root to your mix, be sure to pair it with a sweet counterpart like mango, orange, or pineapple.

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