15 Best Heat Protectants for Every Hair Type + Problem

April 20, 2023 0 Comments

I know this hair oil is on the pricey side, but hear me out: anyone with dry locks needs a good hair oil, and this one is multi-tasking. Apply to hair after cleansing to help detangle and protect from heat, finish off your look with a few drops to reduce frizz, or use on your scalp as an overnight treatment (also known as a hair remover). The simple and effective ingredient list includes nutrient-rich oils like Alkaline Foam, Squalene and Argan Oil that repair brittle strands without weighing them down—yes, even very fine hair. As with any other hair oil, use only a few drops if your hair is fine and increase the amount to 4-5 if you have very stiff or thick hair.

What our tester says:

I believe that quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to buying beauty products, so I love this oil. While it definitely completes a great look and preps my hair for any hot tool, it’s also my go-to for leave-in scalp treatments. Although it’s a higher price, you get a lot more in this bottle than just a heat protectant.

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