15 Best Firming Neck Creams of 2023 for Firm and Toned Skin

April 30, 2023 0 Comments

I want to point out that the first ingredient listed is aloe vera, not water. Why is this important? Well, aloe is a well-known skin-plumping moisturizer (it’s also what gives this cream its bouncy, easy-to-apply texture), and this night cream is practically full of it.

There are also postbiotics to strengthen the skin barrier, vitamin C to support collagen production, shea butter to fill microcracks, rose water to soothe, allantoin to reduce inflammation and I could go on. If you’re looking for one cream to get you through, trust me, this is a great choice.

What our tester says

The price of my Andalou Naturals goodies constantly amazes me. I mean, this formula is so high-quality, rich, and packed with scientifically proven ingredients — all for under $30. The texture is also whipped and airy, absorbing easily into the skin (read: no greasy pillowcase). When I apply cream, I apply it all over my face, neck, décolletage, hands…whatever.

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