13 signs of the universe + how to interpret messages

June 22, 2023 0 Comments

Only you can truly decipher and interpret the messages you receive from the Universe because they are completely dependent on what was happening at the time you received the sign.

As Richardson explains, when you receive signs from the universe, you can write them down, reflect on them, and/or talk about them with someone you trust.

“A good rule of thumb is to notice how the sign registers with you: Does time seem to slow down, does the moment seem heavy with meaning, or do you feel a physical reaction when the sign appears (such as a chill down your body)? If the sign keeps popping up in your mind after hours or even days, it’s definitely worth paying attention to,” she explains.

However, most of the time many signs from the universe are so synchronous that the message becomes quite clear (like when you hear a car horn when you think about your recent date), and the more you get into the habit of paying attention to the signs, the more they will come. to you.

“When the universe sees a sign registered with you, it will know that you are becoming more open to guidance and sending more guidance,” Richardson says, adding, “Remember that you are receiving more signs than you think, so if something seems like signing you, it probably is.”

Here’s our complete guide on how to recognize when the universe is giving you a sign for more information.

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