13 Best Yoga YouTube Channels of 2023

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If you are looking for the best yoga channels on YouTubethen you have come to the right place!

YouTube is not only a platform for entertainment, it is also a great resource for learning and training. A simple search for yoga on YouTube leads to thousands of videos. With so many channels and videos, and everyone claiming to be an expert, finding quality content can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it and rounded up thirteen of the best yoga YouTube channels for you. This lineup of channels covers a variety of yoga styles, meditation, breath work, posture lessons, in-depth discussions, and yoga for kids. Follow these yoga YouTube channels for a complete overview of yoga.

Read a brief description of each yoga channel on YouTube and find your new favorite!

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13 Best Yoga YouTube Channels to Learn Yoga and Support Your Home Practice:

1. YouAligned

YT YouAlignedOur very own YouTube channel is an incredible resource for all things mind, body and health. We have free full yoga and fitness classes, meditation videos, pose lessons and more to support your life on and off the mat. Check out our YouAligned Playlist and find some of our all-time favorite classes shared as part of our premium on-demand membership.

Subscribers: 317 thousand
Total video: 300

Check out our yoga YouTube channel: YouAligned

2. Yoga with Cassandra

YT CassandraCassandra launched her channel in 2013 and became in the best Yin Yoga YouTube channel. Most of her classes are either Vinyasa, Yin, or general stretching, and she has everything from ten minute to hour long classes.

Cassandra has organized the playlists by length, focus, and level to make it easier for you to find a class that fits your day. While in Canada, Kassanda shoots most of her videos indoors, but she does videos on her deck when she can, which adds a nice touch if you like to listen to the birds chirping or the sounds of nature during your workouts.

Subscribers: 2.2 m
Total video: 750

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Yoga with Cassandra

3. Dean Polman – Man Flow Yoga

YT manflowDean Polman founded Man Flow Yoga in 2013. He focuses on the physical aspects of yoga and teaches classes aimed at developing strength and flexibility. Dean is a great resource for inflexible men completely new to yoga, but also has content that will challenge seasoned yoga practitioners.

Dean has some interesting and helpful playlists, including Yoga for Men Over 50, a Sexual Health series, and a few challenges. It focuses on men’s fitness and with that comes a lot of information on technique and alignment. If you’re wondering how yoga can improve your overall fitness, then Man Flow Yoga is for you.

Subscribers: 422 thousand
Total video: 1k+

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Dean Polman

4. Vera Myslevets

YT FaithhunterFaith Hunter has been on YouTube for a long time and joined in 2010. She has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and conducting wellness events. She calls her channel a space for radical self-care, and all her content radiates positivity.

Faith’s Yoga YouTube channel is dedicated to meditation, yoga, lifestyle tips, and general life inspiration. She posts regularly and has several playlists to help you find what you’re looking for.

Subscribers: 27.9 thousand
Total video: 400

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Faith Hunter

5. Arianna Elizabeth – Bright and salty

YT AriannaAriana Elizabeth joined YouTube in 2012 and has over 450 free videos on her Bright & Salted channel. She focuses on yoga, meditation and breathing. Her channel is well organized with playlists by duration, class type, skill level, challenges, meditation and more.

Ariana offers a unique video version of traditional yoga. Some of her lessons are pretty easy to follow: she creates a music playlist and you follow along by watching her and reading a few prompts on the screen while enjoying the music. Others follow a more traditional format where she tells you about the class.

Subscribers: 194 thousand
Total video: 450

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Arianna Elizabeth

6. Yogi Brian’s channel

Y. T. BryanYogi Brian focuses on meditation and yoga with a touch of humor to make it real and relatable. He created his channel in 2017 and apart from the main content, he shows short videos. His channel has playlists for affirmations, meditations, yoga nidra, sleep meditations, and more.

Don’t be surprised if you hear F-bombs in his videos, it might be his favorite word. Check out Yogi Brian’s channel if you’re looking for an unconventional meditation to help you focus and de-stress.

Want to learn more about Yogi Brian? He is one of our teachers at YouAligned! Meet Yogi Brian: Spotlighting YA Classroom Teachers Series (Interview)

Subscribers: 8.11 thousand
Total video: 350

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Yogi Brian’s channel

7. Yoga with Tim

YT teamTim launched his channel in 2018. Most of his classes are vinyasa, the duration of which is about 30 minutes. Tim focuses on explaining the poses and understanding the movements to help you practice yoga safely. Tim’s lessons can be challenging and you’ll feel like you’ve had a good workout after completing them.

It has several 30-day yoga challenges, as well as a beginner series, meditation, and full-body workout options. Tim is candid in his videos about how yoga has helped him in life and his body image. His openness and warmth, as well as his clear and calm voice, make his channel one you don’t want to miss.

Subscribers: 291 thousand
Total video: 445

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Yoga with Tim

8. Yoga with Shonneka

UT ShonnekaShanunneka recently joined the YouTube platform in 2020. Her quality and relevant content has helped her build a community, and she posts new videos every week. Shanunneka focuses on Yin yoga, restorative and slow yoga.

Her soothing voice blends perfectly with her style of yoga, and you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated after one of her classes. She has several curated playlists for seated yoga, yoga without props, gentle yoga, and more.

Subscribers: 9.3 thousand
Total video: 200

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Yoga with Schonneka

Don’t know the difference between Yin and restorative yoga? Check out: Yin vs. Restorative Yoga: Here’s What You Need to Know About Each Style

9. Erin Motz – Bad Yogi

YT is a bad yogiErin may not be what you think of as a traditional yoga teacher. She wants her classes to be fun, unfiltered and accessible to everyone. Erin wants you to stay true to who you are and use yoga as a tool to enrich your life. She doesn’t use a lot of Sanskrit, but instead focuses on getting into the poses safely so you get the most out of your time on the mat.

Erin’s yoga YouTube channel – Bad Yogi – features yoga classes, series, tutorials, tips and personal vlogs. Subscribe to Bad Yogi if you’re looking for someone who’s helping to redefine yoga culture to make it relevant to anyone from an environmentalist vegan to an SUV-driving steak lover.

Subscribers: 90.6 thousand
Total video: 600

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Erin Motz

10. Jenny Rawlings – Yoga and the Science of Movement

YT JennyJenny doesn’t have as many followers as she deserves. Her videos are full of high-quality content on yoga anatomy, movement science, and debunking yoga myths. Check out her yoga YouTube channel to learn all about how and why your body works the way it does.

This yoga YouTube channel features both short videos on how to adjust or adjust poses to get the most out of them, as well as longer videos from her podcast where she covers topics such as stretching, myths and facts, and whether yoga is functional movement and against the nose. Mouth breathing. Jenny’s channel is a great resource for both yoga students and yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge base.

Subscribers: 3.74 thousand
Total video: 106

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Jenny Rawlings

11. Aham Yoga

YT ahemArundhati Baitmangalkar is a former Bollywood dancer and the founder of Aham Yoga. She has over 130 podcast episodes on her yoga YouTube channel where she talks about all things yoga. It focuses on empowering you through education and covers topics such as yoga philosophy, history and information to help you develop your personal yoga practice.

She also has yoga class videos, most of which are less than 40 minutes long. Her yoga channel has a little bit of content for everyone.

Subscribers: 20.1 thousand
Total video: 102

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Aham Yoga

12. Cosmic children’s yoga with Jamie

Space Children YTKids need yoga too, and Cosmic Kids Yoga is the home for them. Jamie specializes in making yoga and mindfulness fun. Her classes are bright and energetic, seem like an adventure. On this yoga YouTube channel, kids will learn basic yoga and mindfulness skills while building strength, balance and confidence – skills that will last a lifetime.

Jamie regularly posts new content and has several playlists to organize his content. Cosmic Kids Yoga is YouTube’s favorite kids’ yoga resource with over 1.3 million subscribers.

Subscribers: 1.4M
Total video: 690

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Cosmic Kids Yoga with Jamie

13. Yoga with Adrienne

YT AdrienneThere is yoga with Adrienne in the most popular yoga channels on YouTube. She launched her channel in 2012 and has been posting content regularly ever since. She has several monthly yoga series, themed practices, beginner series, and curated playlists based on video length. Adrienne is the best channel for beginners.

She does a great job of building community and making everyone feel welcome. Many of her videos feature her dog, Benji, who keeps classes light and friendly. You will feel more like a friend than a student when you train with Adrienne.

Subscribers: 11.9M
Total video: 680

Check out this yoga channel on YouTube: Yoga with Adrienne

Enjoy your home workouts with the best yoga channels on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to start your yoga journey. You can practice from the comfort of your home, anytime, and it’s free! Try different styles and find the one that suits your needs.

If you decide on your own and start researching other channels, be sure to review their qualifications. Look for someone who has a minimum of 200 hours of training and is a registered yoga teacher.

Have another favorite yoga YouTube channel that didn’t make our list? Comment below and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!

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