11 Best Pure and Natural Hair Oils + How to Use Them

June 27, 2023 0 Comments

Frizz is not suitable for Oi Oil. This salon-grade liquid gold is as versatile as it gets: suitable for all hair types, it’s lightweight yet deeply hydrating, and even helps detangle hair after rinsing. The combination of seed and fruit oils creates a blend that is equal parts highly effective and highly protective, especially for those living in areas with high levels of air pollution. The formula is extremely spreadable, so you only need a tiny bit, which makes the expensive bottle even more worthwhile.

What our tester says:

“I’ve been recommended this oil countless times by hairdressers, celebrities, whatever. People admire its light texture, ease of gliding, easy support. You simply cannot write a hair oil review without including it. I personally use it as a styling tool. oils: I put a little on the palm of my hand, warm it up a bit, then rub it through my hair. It helps set curls, adds a bit of shine and makes the hair look sleeker.” Oleksandra Engler, mbg Beauty Director

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