Virabhadrasana-II Yoga (Warrior Pose):

Virabhadrasana-II, also known as Warrior Pose. This asana was named after Lord Shiva's Avatar, Virbhadra, an Abhay warrior. Virabhadrasana Yoga (The Warrior Pose) is derived from the words Vira means hero or warrior, Bhadra means friend or auspicious and Asana means posture.

This asana strengthens the hands, shoulders, thighs and waist muscles. In the beginning, there is some difficulty in doing this posture because it is difficult to balance the feet, but the regular practice also makes it work. Now know how to do Virabhadrasana-II.

There are three methods of Virbhadra, today we will learn about Warrior Pose II by its second law.

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Steps To Do Virabhadrasana-II Yoga (Warrior Pose):

Health Benefits Of Virabhadrasana-II Yoga (Warrior Pose):

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Virabhadrasana-II Yoga (Warrior Pose) Precautions:

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