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Veerasana Yoga (The Hero’s Pose) Steps & Health Benefits

Veerasana Yoga (The Hero’s Pose) Description:

Veerasana (The Hero Pose) the name comes from the Sanskrit words Vira meaning “Hero” and asana meaning “posture”.  Do this yoga makes a strong and powerful body. Veerasana is done even after eating, this causes the digestion process to accelerate and food becomes digested easily. This posture has a beneficial effect on the navel.

Due to pressure on the intestines of the stomach, its distortion is removed. It also eliminates stomach gas, pain etc. By doing this asana removes the menstrual impairments of women.

There is no difference between Vajrasana and Veerasana. There are many other conditions of Veerasana. Here is the general method of Veerasana.

Veerasana Yoga

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Methods To Do Veerasana Yoga (The Hero’s Pose):

  • Sit on a flat ground in the position of Vajrasana or Let the knees bend and sit down.
  • Now stretch the legs slightly and keep hips on the ground keeps it straight.
  • Place the hands on top of the thighs. This is Vajrasana or the basic kneeling pose. This forms the starting point for doing Veerasana.
  • Keep the shoulders in the posture of comfort and sit tight.
  • Keep the head straight and look at the front.
  • Stay in this posture for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Health Benefits Of  Veerasana Yoga (The Hero’s Pose):

  • In Veerasan yoga (hero pose), an exercise of the thighs, knees, feet and the elbows is exercised. From this posture the posterior part of the body is balanced. This yoga is also beneficial for keeping a body healthy.
  • This posture strengthens the body and increases the age.
  • If do pranayama in Vajrasana, many diseases of breath, asthma, tuberculosis, inflammation of breath, lungs, and chest are removed.
  • This posture enhances the eyesight.

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Veerasana Yoga (The Hero’s Pose) Precautions:

  • If someone is suffering from knee pain or arthritis, then you can not do this asana.
  • Yoga should always be done in the care of Yoga Teacher.

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