Veerasana Yoga (The Hero’s Pose) Description:

Veerasana (The Hero Pose) the name comes from the Sanskrit words Virameaning "Hero" and asana meaning "posture".Do this yoga makes a strong and powerful body. Veerasana is done even after eating, this causes the digestion process to accelerate and food becomes digested easily. This posture has a beneficial effect on the navel.

Due to pressure on the intestines of the stomach, its distortion is removed. It also eliminates stomach gas, pain etc.By doing this asana removes the menstrual impairments of women.

There is no difference between Vajrasana and Veerasana. There are many other conditions of Veerasana. Here is the general method of Veerasana.

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Methods To Do Veerasana Yoga (The Hero’s Pose):

Health Benefits Of Veerasana Yoga (The Hero’s Pose):

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Veerasana Yoga (The Hero’s Pose) Precautions:

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