Vajrasana Yoga (The Diamond Pose):

Vajrasana is the only such posture in all Yogasana, which can be done immediately after food or breakfast. Vajrasana practice for health is best beneficial. Vajrasana yoga posture is called Diamond Pose in English. Vajra means strong. Sanskrit words vajra meaning  "Diamond/Thunderbolt " and asana meaning "posture".

Vajrasana is most effective after the meal and aids in proper digestion. Thighs and knees become stronger due to Vajrasana every day. This asana can be done immediately after the meal.

All the muscles working from the lower part of the waist to the thighs of the thighs get exercise. And the discomfort that comes after consuming a lot of quantity goes away from awakening.

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Steps To Do Vajrasana Yoga (The Diamond Pose):

Health Benefits Of Vajrasana Yoga ( The Diamond Pose):

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Vajrasana Yoga Precautions:

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