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Uttanpadasana Yoga (Raised Leg Pose) Steps & Benefits

Uttanpadasana Yoga (Raised Leg Pose) Description:

What is the meaning of Uttanpadasana?  Uttanpadasana means,  Uttan means “elevated” and pad means “feet”.The feet are raised in this posture so it is called Uttanpadasana.

Uttanpadasana yoga is a very important yoga practice. Uttanpadasana is playing an important role in reducing stomach fat and inside the stomach. Uttanpadasana plays an important role in reducing stomach fat and inside the stomach. It’s regular exercising, make abas (abs) in the body.

Uttanpadasana Yoga and its benefits and method:

Uttanpadasana Yoga (Raised Leg Pose) Steps & Benefits


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Methods To Do Uttanpadasana Yoga (Raised Leg Pose):

To take advantage of this asana, it is important to do it correctly, Here’s a simple method.

  • First, lie down on your back on the floor.
  • Do the legs together.
  • After this, keep both your hands close to the body and keep the palms from the ground.
  • Now you take breathe and raise your feet at 45 or 50 degrees from the floor.
  • Now slowly take the breath in and then slowly leave out and stay in this posture.
  • Leaving the breath deep down, bring the feet down.
  • Similarly, you can repeat it 3 to 4 times according to your ability.

Health Benefits Of Uttanpadasana Yoga (Raised Leg Pose):

  • Its done regularly, the problem of gas is removed. At the same time, the problem of indigestion can also get rid of it.
  • To reduce stomach fat.
  • This posture is extremely beneficial in removing panic.
  • Beneficial to the knee.
  • It is very beneficial for those suffering from diabetes, constipation, indigestion and nerve weakness.
  • Navel balance.

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Uttanpadasana Yoga (Raised Leg Pose) Precautions: 

  • Those who have pain in their waist should not have this posture.
  • This should not be practiced while having stomach surgery.
  • Do not do this posture during pregnancy at all.
  • Do not practice this posture while suffering from sciatica.
  • This Yoga should be empty stomach in the morning or evening.

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