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Utkatasana Yoga (Chair Pose) Steps & Health Benefits

Utkatasana Yoga (Chair Pose)  Description:

Utkatasana name has been kept on the Utkat term. Utkata means powerful and asana means pose.  While Utkatasana posture, the body see is like a chair, so it called The Chair Pose. To do this Yoga It makes a powerful body. Doing this procedure strengthens the legs.

Can do this asana with the simple method of all ages people.

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Methods To Do Utkatasana Yoga (Chair Pose):

  • To do this yoga, you stand in the normal posture with a mat.
  • Keep a little distance between your legs and stand straight.
  • Do your hands forward, the Palm on the ground sides And the elbow should stay straight.
  • Now  Fold your knees and make body condition in such a way that you are sitting on a fancy chair.
  • Stay in line with your ability in this situation.
  • Now come back in the posture of caution.
  • You can do this from 5 to 10 sets.

Health Benefits Of  Utkatasana Yoga (Chair Pose):

  • By doing this Asana every day, the feet become powerful.
  • It eliminates many problems related to menstruation, That’s why women should do it.
  • This is beneficial posture for people of all ages.
  • Its practice is beneficial to reduce belly fat.
  • It also removes many diseases of the stomach such as indigestion, constipation, acidity etc.
  • It gives balance and strength in the body.
  • It is also a very beneficial posture for arthritis patients.
  • It gives balance and strength in the body.

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Utkatasana Yoga (Chair Pose) Precautions: 

  • It should be done every day the empty stomach.
  • If you have heart disease, do it only in consultation with the doctor.
  • If you are a headache, do not practice this posture.
  • If there is an injury in the foot, then this should not be done.
  • If you have injuries in your knees or ankles, do not this yoga.
  • take the doctor’s advice.

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