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Utkata Konasana (The Goddess Pose) Yoga Poses & Health Benefits

Utkata Konasana Yoga – Utkata Konasana yoga is also known as the Goddess Pose or Fiery Angle Pose which is very simple yoga posture. This yoga posture increases emotional stability and excellent yoga exercise for women which strengthen the uterus before and during pregnancy. Utkata Konasana is a Sanskrit word where ‘Utkata’ means ‘Fierce’, ‘Kona’ means ‘Angle’ or ‘Asana’ means ‘Pose’.

This yoga exercise gives the good stretch to your hips, the abdomen, chest, groins and leg muscles. So let’s begin this yoga session by knowing that what steps will be used during this yoga asana. But before this have a look at the below-given picture to know that what is the exact posture for this yoga posture.

Utkata Konasana yoga posture

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Steps to do The Goddess Pose or Utkata Konasana Yoga Asana –

  • To start this yoga session first come into the position of Tadasana.
  • Keep your spine erect and place your hands alongside thighs.
  • Now stretch your foot 3-4 feet apart from each other.
  • Bend your knees deeply out the sides and sink your hips down to the height of your knees.
  • In this position, your thigh should become parallel to the ground with feet toes pointing outwards.
  • Now bring your arms above the shoulder level and bend your elbows in such a way that your shoulder and tricep should be in one line.
  • At the same time your fingertips pointing towards the sky in an angli mudra.
  • You can also place your both hands in the middle of the chest in a Namaskara gesture.
  • Now slightly pull your shoulder in the backwards direction and open up your chest.
  • Try to balance your body and make a gaze by looking forward.
  • This is the final position of Goddess Pose.
  • Hold this position as long as you can and breath normally.
  • If you want to release this pose then slowly rotate your heels towards forwarding direction and raise your legs and hips up.

Health Benefits of Utkata Konasana (The Goddess Pose) Yoga Exercise –

  • Utkata Konasana yoga gives the good stretch to hips, thigh and back muscles.
  • It is a good hip opener pose.
  • It broadens the chest and correct postural defects.
  • Strengthens the quadriceps and inner thigh muscles.
  • Improves blood circulation through all body.
  • Good yoga exercise for kidneys, the ovaries, urinary system and the prostate gland.
  • It widens the uterus or pelvic region which is beneficial for women during childbirth. 
  • It releases stress and energizes all body.

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Contradictions and Precautions for Utkata Konasana Yoga Session –

The Goddess Pose is very easy to perform but to avoid any health issue we have to follow some precautions before starting this yoga exercise session and these cautions are –

  • If you are suffering from any hips, knee or shoulder injury then avoid Goddess Pose yoga session.
  • If you have high blood pressure problem then avoid this yoga posture because it generates heat to your body.
  • Do not stretch or expand your legs beyond the body limit.

Finally, you get to know all thing which is very necessary to perform Utkata Konasana (The Goddess Pose) Yoga positions. You can also check detailed steps or health benefits for Goddess Pose yoga asana. Keep in touch with us for more yoga types and their health benefits.

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