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Ushtrasana Yoga (Camel Pose) Methods & Benefits

Ushtrasana Yoga (Camel Pose)  Description:

Ushtra is a Sanskrit word and it means “Camel”. Ushtrasana is called “Camel Pose” in English. Ushtrasana is very good for your spinal cord. Ushtrasana is an intermediate rear bending-yoga posture which opens up Anahata (heart chakra).

This posture brings flexibility in the body, Body of gets strength and digestion power increases. An important yoga practice in the asanas that sit on the basis of health benefits. Ushtrasana is a yoga exercise that plays an important role in removing anger and physical disorders.

Below are the method and benefits of Ustrasana.

Ushtrasana Yoga

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Methods To Do Ushtrasana Yoga (Camel Pose):

  • Sit in Vajrasana posture, That means you sit on the knees.
  • Keep a distance of about one foot between the knees and feet.
  • Now you stand on your knees.
  • Breathe take and bend backside, and Now place the right palm on the right heel and the left palm on the left heel.
  • Body weight should be equally on arms and legs.
  • Take breath slowly while doing this posture.
  • Maintain the posture as per your order.
  • Then leave long deep breath and Come to normal position.
  • In this way, you can do this posture five to seven times.

Health Benefits Of  Ushtrasana Yoga (Camel Pose):

    • By practising this yoga, you can reduce your stomach fat.
    • This posture is beneficial for diabetic patients.
    • Ushtrasana is beneficial in digestion.
    • It spreads to the stomach and intestines, which reduces constipation.
    • Spinal Cord of make flexible and strengthens the back.
    • Beneficial in Neck pain.
    • Beneficial in Eyes.

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Ushtrasana Yoga (Camel Pose) Precautions: 

  • It is difficult to do asana so it should be done under the supervision of a yoga guru.
  • If there is a problem of the spinal cord, acute headache or high BP, then do not do this asana.
  • People with thyroid should also take care.
  • If You have a knee, ankle, shoulder, neck or hip injury, Avoid this Yoga.


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