Swastikasana Yoga - Swastikasana yoga is also known as the Auspicious Pose which is a simple meditation pose. This yoga posture is a simple version of Padmasana and Siddhasana yoga asana. Swastikasana is a Sanskrit word where 'Swastika' means 'Happiness or 'auspiciousness' and 'Asana' means 'Pose'. We can also pronounce this yoga as Su+Asti+ka, in this ‘Su’ means good, the meaning of ‘Asti’ is ‘existence’ and “ka” stands for to make.

In its final position, our legs represent the Swastika position hence the name as Swastikasana or Auspicious pose. The Auspicious Pose is very easy to perform and it is one of the best Asana for reflective movement or for long sitting. Now let's begin this yoga session by knowing that what is the exact posture for this yoga position and how can we perform this yoga session with the help of step-by-step instruction.

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Steps to do Auspicious Pose or Swastikasana Yoga Asana -

Health Benefits of Swastikasana (The Auspicious Pose) Yoga Exercise -

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Contradictions & Precautions for Swastikasana Yoga Session -

Before performing Auspicious Pose you have to follow some precautions and these are -

So finally, you get to know about Swastikasana (The Auspicious Pose) Yoga positions and its health benefits. You can also check detailed step-by-step instruction to perform Auspicious Pose. Keep in touch with us for more yoga types and their health benefits.

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