Sukhasana Yoga -Sukhasana yoga is also known as the Easy Sitting Pose which is the best yoga position for meditation. This yoga posture is very easy and suitable for all beginners. Sukhasana is a Sanskrit word where 'Sukham' means 'Easy or Comfortable' and 'Asana' means 'Pose'. This yoga posture basically categorized into three parts Basic Asana, intermediate and advanced. We can start this yoga asana before performing all other yoga posture.

It is an excellent pose for all beginners and for those who have a very stiff body. Easy Sitting Pose is a part of our daily routine life. So let's start this yoga session by knowing that what is the exact posture for this yoga session and how can we perform it with the help of step-by-step instruction.

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Steps to do Easy Sitting Pose or Sukhasana Yoga Asana -

Health Benefits of Sukhasana (The Easy Sitting Pose) Yoga Exercise -

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Contradictions & Precautions for Sukhasana or Easy Sitting Pose Yoga Session -

This yoga posture is very easy to perform but in few situations just avoid this yoga asana and the cautions for Easy Setting Pose are -

Finally, you get to know all thing which is very necessary to perform Sukhasana (The Easy Sitting Pose) Yoga asana. You can also check detailed steps or health benefits for Easy Sitting Pose from here. Keep in touch with us for more yoga types and their health benefits.

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