Salamba Sirsasana Yoga - Salamba Sirsasana yoga is also known as Supported Head Stand Pose which is a variation of Sirsasana yoga series.Salamba Sirsasana is a Sanskrit word where 'Salamba' means 'With Support', 'Sirsa' means 'Head' and 'Asana' means 'Pose', hence the name so. This yoga posture is much easier then Sirsasana yoga.

Supported Head Stand yoga asana also known as the king of all asana because it has lots of health benefits among the all other yoga position. Before practising this yoga session you have to aware about Sirsasana yoga. At the initial stage, it quite tough to perform so always do it with the help yoga instructor or use a wall support if required. Let's begin this yoga session by knowing the exact for it and how can we perform it the easiest way.

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Steps to do Supported Head Stand or Salamba Sirsasana Yoga Asana -

Health Benefits of Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Head Stand) Yoga Exercise -

As you all know Salamba Sirsasana is the most popular yoga asana which has lots of health benefits and here we placed some amazing benefits of it -

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Contradictions & Precautions for Salamba Sirsasana Yoga Session -

Supported Head Stand Pose is not so easy to perform because it has lots of arms and shoulder strength. So before performing this yoga asana, you have to follow some precautions to avoid any health injury and these cautions are -

So that's all about Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Head Stand) Yoga positions and its health benefits. You can also check detailed steps from here to perform Supported Head Stand Pose. Keep in touch with us for more yoga types and their health benefits.

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