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Naukasana (The Boat Pose) Yoga Poses & Health Benefits

Naukasana Yoga – Naukasana Yoga is also known as The Boat Pose which strengthens the lungs, liver and pancreas. The name of Naukasana yoga asana comes from the two Sanskrit words ‘Nauka’ which mean ‘boat’ and ‘asana’ meaning ‘posture’. In Naukasana the body takes the shape of a boat in the final position that’s why we called it the Boat Pose. The Boat Pose is a good yoga exercise for those who want to reduce belly fat.

Boat Pose Yoga posture quite difficult to perform for all beginners but after a few practise session, you will be able to do it. So here we will discuss the basic position of Naukasana yoga pose but before this, you have to know about what is the exact posture for this yoga asana and how can we perform it with the help detailed instruction which is given below.

Naukasana yoga posture

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Steps to do Boat Pose or Naukasana Yoga Session –

  • First, lie down on a flat surface with your feet together and your both hands alongside the body.
  • Keep your both hands palm in downwards direction just pointing towards your toes.
  • Now take a deep breath and simultaneously raise the legs, arms and the upper body from the ground.
  • Try to stretch your both arms towards your feet as much as possible.
  • In this position, your whole body weight should be on your buttocks.
  • Now you feel some tension in your stomach area.
  • This is the final position of Boat Pose.
  • Hold your breath in the final position and remain same in this pose for as long as you can.
  • Repeat this yoga posture 2-3 times in a day for the best result.

Health Benefits of Naukasana (The Boat Pose) Yoga Exercise –

  • Naukasana Yoga Asana is very good for abdominal muscles.
  • It strengthens the muscles of the arms, thighs and shoulders.
  • Boat Pose is very effective to reduce belly fat.
  • It improves the health of all organs in the abdomen especially the liver, pancreas and kidneys.
  • Good yoga posture for digestion and it cures of constipation.
  • It also strengthens your Abs muscles.

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Contradictions & Precautions for Naukasana Yoga Posture –

You have to follow some precautions before performing Boat Pose yoga session and these cautions are –

  • If you are suffering from Asthma or heart problem then do not practise Naukasana yoga.
  • Don’t do this yoga asana in case of ulcer or arthritis problem.
  • Strictly avoid Boat Pose if you have any chronic diseases or spinal disorders.
  • Women should not try this yoga pose during pregnancy or periods.

So we hope all of you clearly understand the Naukasana (The Boat Pose) yoga position and its steps. Here we mentioned all major health benefits of Boat Pose yoga. Keep in touch with us for more yoga types and their health benefits.

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