Hamsasana Yoga: Hamasana is also called Swan Pose. The meaning of the word "Hamsa" (meaning "Swan") and "Aasana" (meaning Posture). This posture massages and stimulates the abdominal organs and is beneficial for a healthy digestive system.

Hamsasana is very similar to Mayurasana "The Peacock pose". By doing this the body shape looks like a peacock, hence its name is Mayurasan. This seat is carefully done and sitting, In this posture, the full load body is hinged on the hands and the body wavy in the air.

Hamsasana (Swan Pose) Yoga Pose Steps & Benefits:

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Step To Do Hamsasana (Swan) Yoga:

Information Hamsasana (Mayurasana) step by step given below:

Health Benefits Of Hamsasana(Swan) Yoga:->

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You have to follow some precautions before doing this yoga posture and these limitations are:

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