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Halasana (The Plow Pose) Yoga Poses Steps & Benefits

Halasana Yoga: Halasana Yoga Pose also known as The Plow Pose which increases body balance & posture. Halasana is a combination of the words the Sanskrit word’s “Hala” (meaning “plow”) and word’s “asana” (meaning “posture” or “seat”)

Halasana is perfect yoga to make weight loss and make spine strong and flexible. In addition to reducing stomach fat, this yoga helps in increasing the secretion of insulin in patients with diabetes.


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Step to do Halasana Yoga Pose:->

Information Halasana method is given below:

  • First, Spread a mat on a clean and flat place.
  • Now, As the start lying on the ground on the back and both legs have to be mixed together.
  • Now, Keep the palms locked with the ground near the waist
  • Now, Keep the body loose.
  • Now, Breath in and start up the legs by contracting the stomach.
  • When both feet become a right angle 90-degree breath out.
  • Continue to breathe normally, try to keep both feet on the ground behind the head and supporting your hips and back with your hands.
  • This may be difficult initially, but make an attempt for a few seconds.
  • The knees do not have to be folded in the entire posture.
  • Hold this pose and let your body relax more and more with each steady breath.

Health Benefits of Halasana Yoga:->

  • Halasana yoga takes advantage of menopause thyroid, parathyroid, throat, lungs, insomnia, infertile, and sinusitis.
  • Strengthens and opens up the neck, shoulders, abs and back muscles.
  • Helps tone the legs and stretches out the shoulders and spine.
  • The spinal cord becomes strong and flexible.
  • Promotes good digestion
  • This posture relieves stress and fatigue.

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You have to follow some precautions before doing this yoga posture and these limitations are:

  • Pregnant Women avoids this yoga posture.
  • Avoid this yoga posture in case of any knee or shoulder injury.
  • If you have asthma or high blood pressure problem then don’t do this yoga session.
  • If you are suffering from wrist pain, neck pain, heart disease.
  • Whenever there is any problem while doing yoga, consult a yoga expert and a doctor.





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