Eka Pada Sirasana Yoga - Eka Pada Sirasana Yoga also known as One Leg behind Head Pose which is an advanced yoga pose that requires a certain combination of flexibility and strength. This yoga name drove from Sanskrit words Eka' which means one, 'pada' which means leg, 'sir' meaning head and 'asana' meaning pose or posture. This yoga posture requires the very good flexibility of the leg and groin muscles. It is very difficult to perform, so make sure warmed up the body—especially the hamstrings, hips, and core before performing this yoga posture.

One Leg behind Head Pose Yoga exercise is good for a backache or a weak digestive system. Now start this yoga session by knowing the exact posture and detailed step by step instruction to perform it correctly.

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Steps to do One Leg behind Head Pose or Eka Pada Sirasana Yoga -

As you all know it is an advanced level yoga posture and very difficult to perform. It can be done after lots of practice session. You will be able to do this yoga posture after following these steps -

Health Benefits of Eka Pada Sirasana Yoga Exercise Session -

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Contradictions & Precautions for Eka Pada Sirasana (One Leg behind Head Pose) -

One Leg behind Head Pose is not so easy to perform because it requires lots of flexibility. So you have to follow below precautions to avoid any health injury -

So finally you get to know how can we perform Eka Pada Sirasana or One Leg behind Head Pose and what are the major health benefits of doing this yoga posture. Keep in touch with us for more yoga types and their health benefits.

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