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Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose) Yoga Poses & Health Benefits

Dhanurasana Yoga – Dhanurasana or The Bow Pose is a basic yoga posture which commonly used in Hatha yoga. The name “Dhanurasana” comes from the Sanskrit words Dhanura which means “bow” and Asana means “posture” or “seat”. In the final position, this yoga posture looks like the shape of the Dhanush, that’s why we called it Bow Pose. This yoga position is very beneficial to those who want to reduce their belly fat. In Bow Pose we use your hands and arms to pull our trunk and legs up together to form a curve. Now start this yoga session by knowing the exact posture for this yoga exercise.

Dhanurasana Yoga Posture

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Steps to do Bow Pose or Dhanurasana Yoga Session –

As per above image, this yoga posture requires lots of flexibility to perform it. But don’t worry you will be able to do this yoga exercise by following these steps:-

  • Lie on the ground on the stomach by facing towards the ground.
  • Feel relax in this position and breathe normally.
  • Now slowly bend your knees in a backwards direction just touching to your buttocks.
  • You feel some difficulty at the initial stage so don’t worry about it.
  • Now lift your arch or neck in upwards direction as much as you can.
  • Now slowly move your hands in the backwards direction and try to catch your ankles.
  • Pull your both legs in upwards direction with the help of your hands.
  • Now stretch your body and you will realise that your body is now in the shape of a bow.
  • This is the final position of this asana, hold this position as far as possible.
  • Repeat this yoga posture 2-3 times in a day for the best result.
  • Release this pose and lie on the ground for few minutes to relax your body.

Health Benefits of Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose) Yoga Exercise –

  • It gives a good stretch to the shoulders, hands, thorax, thighs and the legs.
  • Dhanurasana Yoga is very effective in weight loss.
  • Gives massages to the abdomen and internal organs.
  • It improves the reproductive system and helps improve menstrual disorders in women.
  • Improve the function of liver, pancreas, small intestine, and big intestine.
  • Good Yoga exercise for diabetic patients.
  • Strengthens ankles, thighs, groins, chest, and abdominal organs.
  • Cures respiratory disorder like asthma.
  • Gives good stretch to spine and back.

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Contradictions & Precautions for Dhanurasana or Bow Pose Yoga –

You have to follow some precautions before starting this yoga session and these are –

  • If you are suffering from High Blood Pressure problem then avoid this.
  • Don’t do this in case of back pain, hernia problem or abdomen surgery.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this yoga posture.

Finally, you get to know about Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose) Yoga Practise session and its health benefits. It is one of the most yoga postures in yogic history which has lots of health benefits. So start doing it on regular basis and keep in touch with us for more yoga types and their health benefits.

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