Dandayamana Bharmanasana Yoga - Dandayamana Bharmanasana or Balancing Table Pose is also known as Bird Dog Pose or Sun Bird Pose. Dandayamana Bharmanasana is a Sanskrit word which drove from ‘danda’ means 'Stick',  ‘yamana’ means 'Balancing',  ‘bharma’ means 'Board of Table'. That's why we called it Balancing Table Pose, where the back represents the strong table top and spine represents a stick. This Yoga posture balance and strengthens the core muscles, hips, muscles of the lower back and the spine. Dandayamana Bharmanasana is very simple to perform which can be done by everyone.

Now let's have a talk about what is the exact yoga posture for this yoga session. For this, please check Dandayamana Bharmanasana Image which is given below.

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Steps to do Dandayamana Bharmanasana or Balancing Table Pose -

Now you clearly understand about Balancing Table Pose Yoga Posture. Let's begin this yoga session with the help of detailed steps -

Health Benefits of Balancing Table Pose (Dandayamana Bharmanasana) Yoga -

Dandayamana Bharmanasana Yoga has lots of Health Benefits which are given below -

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Contraindications & Precaution for Dandayamana Bharmanasana Yoga -

You have to follow some precaution while doing Balancing Table Pose and these are -

So that's all about Dandayamana Bharmanasana or Balancing Table Top Pose and its Health Benefits. Keep in touch with us for more yoga type and their health benefits.

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