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Chaturanga Dandasana (The Four Limbed Staff Pose) Yoga Poses & Benefits

Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga – Chaturanga Dandasana is also known as The Four-Limbed Staff Pose. Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga posture is an ‘arm & legs balance asana’. In Sanskrit Chatur is “four”, Anga means “limbs”, danda means “staff” and meaning of Asana is a seat, pose or posture. This yoga asana will be performed on both legs and hands that’s why we called it four-limbed staff pose. Chaturanga Dandasana strengthens the muscles of the limbs and gives good strength to arms and legs.

This Yoga posture can be performed by all beginners because it’s very easy to perform. The Four-Limbed Staff Pose looks like a push-up pose in its final position. Now you have to understand what is the exact posture for this yoga session and for this have a look at the below-given Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga image.

Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga

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Steps to do Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Staff Pose Yoga –

Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga Posture very easy to perform, you can also take an help from with below-given points –

  • First, comes to Vajrasana or the kneeling yoga posture position.
  • Rest your body weight on your knees and place your palms on the floor in front of you.
  • Now move your arms forward until your torso is parallel to the ground.
  • This is the high plank pose where the knees are above the ground and you are supported by the palms and the toes.
  • Now raise your knee slowly and align your body in one line and make sure your entire body weight should be on your palms and legs toes.
  • This is the final position of Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga, hold this posture as long as you can.
  • Come back to normal positions by lowering your knees towards the ground or a kneeling position.

Health Benefits of Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose) –

Please check below list to know health benefits of Four-Limbed Staff Pose –

  • Strengthens the muscles of the back and shoulders.
  • It strengthens the muscles around the spine.
  • Very beneficial yoga posture for back pain.
  • Makes your triceps and biceps strong.
  • Increase balancing and stability power in your body.
  • It tones the abdomen muscles.

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Contradictions & Precautions for Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Pose –

You have to just follow below precautions before performing this yoga practise session –

  • In case of any Wrist, Shoulder or back injury.
  • Avoid this yoga posture in case of Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this yoga pose.

Finally, you get to know how can we do Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Staff Pose yoga exercise and what are the health benefits of this yoga posture. Keep in touch with us for more yoga type & posture and their health benefits also.

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