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Utkatasana Yoga (Chair Pose) Steps & Health Benefits

Utkatasana Yoga (Chair Pose)  Description: Utkatasana name has been kept on the Utkat term. Utkata means powerful and asana means pose.  While Utkatasana posture, the body see is like a chair, so it called The Chair Pose. To do this Yoga It makes a powerful body. Doing this procedure strengthens the legs. Can do …

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Vakrasana Yoga (The Twisted Pose) Steps & Health Benefits

Vakrasana Yoga (The Twisted Pose): Vakrasana Yoga (The Twisted Pose) makes the spine flexible and removes fat around the waist.  Vakrasana Sanskrit word “Vakra” means “twisted” and asana means ” Pose”. Vakrasana practice for health is best beneficial. Vakra means twisted. Vakrasana yoga posture helps to tone the nerves around the spinal cord, strengthen …

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