Bakasana Yoga - Bakasana Yoga is also known as The Crane Pose because it is very similar to the body posture of a crane. The crane is an Asian symbol of happiness and youthfulness. It also stands for longevity in Chinese symbolism. In Sanskrit, ‘baka’ means ‘crane’ and ‘asana’ means ‘pose’. That's why we called it The Crane Pose. Bakasana is a compact arm levelling posture that helps in strengthening the arms similarly as the abdominal organs. Bakasana Yoga Posture develops a sense of balance and coordination in our body. The Crane Pose Yoga exercise is very difficult to perform because in this posture we put our body weight on both hands. For this, we need a good strength of the wrist, hands and shoulders.

Bakasana Yoga asana image also looks like Kakasana but there is only a slight difference between the two. Here we will discuss what is the exact posture for Bakasana Yoga and how can we perform it. Here we placed The Crane Pose image before going to start this yoga session.

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Steps to do Bakasana or The Crane Pose Yoga Posture -

This yoga position is not so easy to perform as you can see above image. So here we provide detailed steps to perform this yoga asana in the easiest way. For this, follow below-given steps carefully -

Health Benefits of The Crane Pose or Bakasana Yoga Session -

Bakasana Yoga exercise is not so easy to perform but don't worry about it you will be able to do it by few practise session. In the above section, we mentioned all the necessary steps to perform this yoga posture. Now come to the main points that are what is the health benefits of Bakasana Yoga Session and how it will affect our body. For this, check below-given benefits list -

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Contraindications and Precautions for Bakasana Yoga or Crane Pose -

In few conditions, you have to avoid The Crane Yoga Pose and these precautions are -

So that's all about Bakasana (The Crane Pose) Yoga Position and its health benefits. Yoga is good for health so do it on regular basis and keep in touch with us for more yoga type.

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