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Ashtanga Namaskara (Eight Limbed Salutation) Yoga Poses & Health Benefits

Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga – Ashtanga Namaskara or the Eight-Limbed salutation is a part of classical Surya Namaskar sequence and is also used as an alternative to chaturanga dandasana. In this yoga, posture body is balanced on eight points of contact with the floor: feet, knees, chest, chin and hands. In Sanskrit, “ashta” implies eight and “anga” implies part and “namaskara” meaning “bowing”. Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga position also known as a knee-chest-chin pose. The knees chest chin pose improves the mobility and flexibility of the spine and neck and also increase arms strength. Now we will talk what is the exact posture for this yoga asana and for this check below-given picture.
Ashtanga Namaskara

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Steps to do Ashtanga Namaskara or Eight Limbed Salutation Yoga Session –

So we hope you clearly understand what is the meaning of Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga posture. Now we will discuss how can we perform this yoga asana in the easiest way. For this, follow these steps –

  • Lie on the floor so the body is parallel to the ground.
  • Now align your body in a manner that your body part should touch the floor – The two feet, the two knees, the two palms, the chest and the chin.
  • Now slightly raised your hips and abdomen.
  • Doing Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga exercise breath is held outside and the breathing is ceased for few moments.
  • Remain same in position for a few seconds or as far as you comfortable.

Health Benefits of Eight Limbed Salutation or Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga –

Now come to the main point that is what are the health benefits of Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga. For this check below list –

  • Gives strength to legs and hand muscles and also improve flexibility.
  • Gives good stretch to spine and neck.
  • Increase arms strength and fortifies the chest.

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Precaution for ashtanga namaskara Yoga –

You have to avoid Eight Limbed Salutation Yoga practise session in few situations –

  • If you have any injury related to your spine and back
  • In case of Buttock pain

So finally you get to know about Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga posture and its health benefits. Keep in touch with us for more Yoga tips to inhale your body. 

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