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Ardha Kapotasana (Half Pigeon Pose) Yoga Poses & Health Benefits

Ardha Kapotasana Yoga – Ardha Kapotasana or Half Pigeon Pose derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘kapota’, meaning ‘pigeon’ and ‘asana’, meaning ‘posture’. Ardha Kapotasana also knows as Half Pigeon Pose because it resembles looks like a pigeon in the final position. Ardha Kapotasana is a magnificent posture to convey adaptability to the hips and legs. This is the best yoga position for hip opening and energizes the body. A proper understanding of the stretch of the various muscles in the practice of Half Pigeon Pose is important to get the maximum benefit.

Ardha Kapotasana Yoga session is very easy to perform but before doing this you have to know what is the exact posture for it. For this have a look at the below-given picture.

Ardha Kapotasana

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Steps to do Half Pigeon Pose or Ardha Kapotasana Yoga Session –

Here we are going to provide detailed information about how we can perform Ardha Kapotasana Yoga Exercise in the easiest way. For this, just follow below-mention steps –

  • Choose a flat surface and sit on kneeling position or Vajrasana.
  • Bend your left knee such that your left foot comes close to your right pelvic bone with your toes pointed out.
  • Place your hand on the floor with palms touching the ground.
  • Spread out the knees so that there is a shoulder-length gap between the two knees.
  • Now stretch the right leg behind and make sure your leg knee touched the floor.
  • Your hand should be placed just next to hips.
  • Stretch your chest and look in front and maintain a steady gaze.
  • Now breath slowly and deeply for the positive result.
  • Remain same in this position for 1-2 minutes or as far as you comfortable.
  • After a few practise session repeats this yoga pose in opposite direction.

Health Benefits of Ardha Kapotasana (Half Pigeon Pose) Yoga Position –

You can able to do Half Pigeon Pose Yoga exercise after a few session. Now come to next point that is what is the health benefits of Ardha Kapotasana posture. So here we will provide some major benefit list about this yoga session and these are –

  • Ardha Kapotasana Yoga extends the legs and the crotch muscles.
  • It is useful for the organs of the guts and the conceptive organs.
  • Gives flexibility to your hips.
  • Excellent in stimulating the nervous system.
  • It relieves lower back pain and stiffness in the back muscles.

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Contraindications & Precautions for Ardha Kapotasana Yoga Asana –

Before doing Half Pigeon Pose Yoga session you have to follow some precautions and these are –

  • In case of hips or knee injury avoid this yoga posture.
  • If you have any Ankle problem then don’t do this yoga pose.
  • Very tight Hips or thighs

So finally you get to know how can we perform Ardha Kapotasana Yoga in an easy or effective way. You can check Half Pigeon Pose health benefits from the above section. Keep in touch with us for more yoga type & yoga posture.

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