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Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose) Yoga Poses & Health Benefits

Ardha Chakrasana Yoga – Ardha Chakrasana or Half Wheel Pose is also known as full wheel pose or Chakrasana. Ardha Chakrasana is a Sanskrit word which is a combination of three words i.e Ardha= Half; Chakra= Wheel; asana= Pose. Half Wheel Pose Yoga Asana is very easy to perform which is very useful to burn belly fat, control blood sugar and reduce back pain. You can start this yoga session in the morning time for best result. Now we come to a straight point and that is what is the exact poster for Ardha Chakrasana yoga exercise. For this have a look to below mention pictures.

Ardha Chakrasana

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Steps to do Half Wheel Pose or Ardha Chakrasana Yoga Posture –

Now you all understand what is Ardha Chakrasana Yoga and about the exact position. Now you have to know how can we perform this Yoga Asana in the easiest way and for this just follow below-mention steps:-

  • Stand straight on a flat surface with feet together and arms alongside the body.
  • Now balance or put your body weight on your feet.
  • Raise your hand in straight up word direction.
  • Make sure your whole body should be in one line.
  • Now bend upper part your body in the backwards direction.
  • Align your both hand in a parallel manner.
  • Hold this position as far as you comfortable.
  • Repeat this posture 2-3 times for the best result.

Health Benefits of Half Wheel Pose or Ardha Chakrasana Yoga Poses –

I hope all of you clearly understand what is the Ardha Chakrasana Yoga Asana and how can we perform it. Now we come to on the main point and that is what the health benefits of doing this yoga asana. So for this check below list:-

  • It gives strength to abdominal or back muscles.
  • Stimulates pancreas and controls high blood sugar.
  • Gives perfect shape to your body by reducing belly fat.
  • Brings flexibility in your spine and back muscles.
  • Reduce back pain and gives strength to your arms and shoulder.
  • Cures respiratory disorders.
  • Increase lungs function and expand your chest.

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Contraindications & Precautions for Ardha Chakrasana Yoga –

Ardha Chakrasana or Half Wheel Pose is good for health but in few situations expert advice you should not do yoga session and these are –

  • If you have any hips or spinal injury
  • Ulcer and hernia patient should not practice.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this yoga session.
  • In case of High Blood Pressure.

I think you clearly understand about Ardha Chakrasana yoga poses and its health benefits. So keep in touch with us for more Yoga types to inhale your body.

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